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A Root Canal Treatment is a valuable procedure used to treat and preserve natural teeth with inflamed pulp or infected roots. A severely damaged tooth can result in infection causing patients to experience tremendous pain and swelling, and if left untreated can result in loss of the tooth.
When is Root Canal Therapy needed?

  • Spontaneous, lingering or constant pain, including pain that can wake you up at night
  • Increased pain specifically when you lie down
  • Significant sensitivity to hot or cold
  • Pain upon chewing on that tooth
  • Darkening of the colour of only one tooth or
  • Appearance of a pimple or in the gum.

Come and experience the painless single visit root canal treatments done by our highly trained Endodontists. Technological advances like the operating Electronic Root Apex Locator, Flexible NiTi Rotary instruments along with Torque-controlled microprocessor-based motor and Electrically heated gun delivered filling of root canals are just a few adjuncts to achieve that ever desired perfection in our job.